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Release Day!

Ink & Flowers is officially available for purchase! Release day is always exciting. ^-^ Click here to read an excerpt and here to read a lovely review from Prism Book Alliance.

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The other thing that’s up today is the first part of To Summon Nightmares, my supernatural trans* romance that is currently running as a serial with Less Than Three Press:



Three years ago, Cohen Brandwein was “Ireland’s Favorite Daughter”, a popular teenage author and internet celebrity. But ever since he came out publicly as trans, the media’s treatment of him has been less than golden, and these days, Cohen is desperate for escape.

When he inherits an old house in the country, Cohen sees it as a perfect opportunity to escape the press and work on his new book. What he doesn’t count on is becoming embroiled in a small town murder mystery and falling for the primary suspect, a man whose reality makes Cohen’s fantasy books seem like child’s play…

So, to give a bit more info than the blurb does, Cohen meets Niall, a man who has been imprisoned by an organisation called the Guild for the last five years. The Guild are studying Niall and his (now-ex) boyfriend Jacky because of the powerful magic they acquired in a demon summoning gone wrong. Niall and Jacky are now on the run from the Guild, and pursued by a witch. Niall doesn’t want to be recaptured by the Guild, but he also doesn’t want Jacky to go through with his plan to summon something even worse than a demon in order to punish the people who have wronged him (spoiler: Jacky’s gone off the deep end a bit.)

In the middle of all this is Cohen, who just wants to get on with working on his new book in peace. But it wouldn’t be much of an adventure if I let that happen.

It’ll be updating every two weeks, available to anyone who has a serial subscription (which, btw, gives you access to all sorts of goodies. Check out LT3’s current serials here.)

The first chapter is available to read free though. Check it out!

It’ll also be coming out in ebook and print later this year. ^-^


One more thing! There are still a few active giveaways on Goodreads:

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Thanks for reading! Have a great day everyone!