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These are some of the first books I ever wrote. They are mostly silly, indulgent and smutty, and I’ve decided to make them available to read for free! I will also be working on making them available on Amazon and Kobo for .99 each.

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The Fairy Gift

Wordcount: 50,000
Genre: Gay Romance, Fantasy, Fairy Tale

Marcus’s family line carries a rare blessing: every third generation, the eldest son receives a gift from a fairy on his eighteenth birthday. His entire life, Marcus has been reminded he is that fortunate son, and he awaits the day with mixed feelings. 

The fairy who arrives is nothing like Marcus expects, and the only thing more shocking is his gift: seduction, a gift Marcus does not want and has no idea how to use. 

His life takes another turn for the worse when the man he’s supposed to be learning from instead sells him to slavers, and Marcus winds up alone in a strange city, and the only place he receives help is a brothel… 

The Gentleman and the Rogue

Wordcount: 24,000
Genre: Gay Romance, Historical, Action

In the midst of the opulent Edwardian Era, the young, headstrong son of the Police Commissioner longs for adventure and a chance to prove himself. When an evening party is disrupted by a band of mysterious masked men, he sees his chance and gives chase, pursuing a rogue thief through the dark streets. But all is not as it seems and adventure quickly turns into something sinister and terrifying, where his only chance at saving London is joining forces with the mysterious Rogue.

Prince of the Forgotten Planet

Wordcount: 28,000
Genre: Science Fiction, Gay Romance

Valfe gave up hope long ago. It’s hard to retain when his people spend their lives on a planet that isn’t theirs, forced into prison camps by the native Koleni, who are afraid of the Vashra’s powers. When his friend Anni receives a message from a powerful Vashra prince, Valfe cannot take it seriously—the message, after all, is centuries old.

Then Anni is captured by the Koleni, and Valfe is forced to put his trust—and hope—in a prince the rest of the world has long forgotten.